Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Art Studio Expanded for Kids

My students now have their own space to create art in my studio!
In older posts, I mentioned that there was some renovations to make my art studio kid friendly.  The kids have had their own space for about a month now.  Here are some photos where they've been spending their time getting creative.

I have offered several stations for the children to branch off and do their own thing, such as painting, drawing and sewing.

Crafting/hand sewing station

Children have the opportunity to use the sewing machine with assistance, one at a time

Stay tuned as I plan on updating this post with photos of what the room looked like before!
~Angelique Bowman

Monday, December 3, 2012

Artistic Yarn Wrapped Bottles by the Little Wonders of Wonderland

Art classes have been up and running in my art studio for my students, ages 2 through 6.  We are well into the school year and starting to get into some more creative art with the kids.  Below are some decorative bottles and jars crafted by some of our 2 and 3 year-olds.  They enjoyed putting a creative spin on wrapping the bottles in yarn.  They chose their own bottles and yarn and each one had a great original look with a glowing translucency when displayed by warm lights.

This project is fun for kids and adults!  If you are interested on how to make these yourself, please please visit my DIY blog below.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

City Art: Craft Activity by Kids

City Art Project Taught to Ages 3 through 6

The summer program has begun at Wonderland Arts, here in Durham, NC.  While we art teachers love to focus on art, especially while school is out and summer is here, it is also important that we continue to teach global education to our kids.  That said, after a fun lesson on cities around the world, I thought that building our own cities would be a creative way for the lesson to sink in.

The Process:
I had lots of pre-cut shapes that I cut from craft paper to offer the little ones who are still learning to cut, and each child could paste them on a sheet of construction paper however they wished.  But first, I gave a quick demo to the kids to give some ideas on what to do with the shapes.   My students were given markers and crayons as they were free to draw whatever they wanted.  They could also use scissors to cut up extra craft paper if preferred.  I offered to draw a vertical line on the construction paper to represent the ground, like a straight horizon line near the bottom of the paper, for kids wanted help determining where the ground was.  Others could draw their own with rulers.

Some children based their cities off of specific cities that we learned about, while others invented their own cities.  They all got really involved and felt really proud of their original artwork.  We displayed each city side by side for everyone's eyes to enjoy during the week.

Creating craft paper cities is a fun way to encourage kids to be original.  

Thanks for visiting!  Feel free to email me about signing your child up for our summer program at Wonderland Arts.
~Angelique Buman

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

School's Almost Out!

Just a few more days before Summer Camp begins!!  I should be posting some fun crafts very soon so stay tuned!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kids Art Turned Into Toys!

A friend posted this on my facebook today.  Toys that are made based off of children's drawings.  It inspired  me and reminded me how cool and creative kids drawings really are!

Check it out:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Art Studio- Currently Under Rennovation

My art studio is currently being remodeled to make it more kid friendly.  This means some major renovations are happening at the studio and it will be closed to our students this summer.  Of course, the children will still have lots of art in store for them, just in a different location.

The studio should be up and running again sometime after the summer and into the school year.  Looking forward to the new space!  In the meantime, I'll be sure to post any updates.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Studio Updates & Plans for the Summer Program

The weather is getting nicer, and school is almost out! That means there will be much more time for art with the kids...

During the school year, I teach the kids Montessori style, and occasionally we have time to work on some fine art in the after school program. However, there will be much more time for art during their summer enrichment program, and the children are all getting excited (and me, too!!). They keep asking me, "Miss Angelique, when can we go up to your studio again?" I was feeling bad every time they would ask, since I've been so busy finishing up my Montessori degree that I haven't had any extra time to take them to my studio.

For those who are just reading my blog for the first time, my art studio is currently located in the school which I work. It is somewhat hidden behind an office area and the children have to climb a big flight of stairs (with teacher supervision, of course) in order to reach my little loft studio space. For now it is cozy, and only about 8 kids at a time can come for lessons, but it is intimate and they feel special to be getting lessons in a real art studio.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little Wonders Website Updated

The Little Wonders of Wonderland website has been updated with new uploads of images by the children.

You can now purchase prints in a variety of styles such as gift cards, framed or canvassed. Check it out!

Click on the link below.

Little Wonders of Wonderland Art

Sunday, February 26, 2012

All about the Little Wonders of Wonderland


My name is Angelique Buman and I am a Fine Artist who also enjoys teaching a variety of subjects to children, including but not limited to, Fine Art, Music, and educating children through the Montessori Method. I work at a Montessori School and a children's Enrichment Arts studio that collaborate well together to offer extensive opportunities of growth and enrichment for each child. Recently, I have opened up my art studio to teach small group Fine Art lessons to the children who attend these programs. This has already served as a great and creative outlet for the children and they look forward to having the opportunity to making real art that they can share with others.

I am respectfully treating the children like young fine artists, a.k.a. "Little Wonders of Wonderland," so that they can have a better respect and understanding of what the art world has to offer. I also started shooting professional pictures of their finished art work and the artwork is being uploaded to a new website that I just created for them. They will now be able to show off their art and their friends and family can even purchase prints of their images!

Please check out the website below and enjoy!
Little Wonders of Wonderland Art