Sunday, February 26, 2012

All about the Little Wonders of Wonderland


My name is Angelique Buman and I am a Fine Artist who also enjoys teaching a variety of subjects to children, including but not limited to, Fine Art, Music, and educating children through the Montessori Method. I work at a Montessori School and a children's Enrichment Arts studio that collaborate well together to offer extensive opportunities of growth and enrichment for each child. Recently, I have opened up my art studio to teach small group Fine Art lessons to the children who attend these programs. This has already served as a great and creative outlet for the children and they look forward to having the opportunity to making real art that they can share with others.

I am respectfully treating the children like young fine artists, a.k.a. "Little Wonders of Wonderland," so that they can have a better respect and understanding of what the art world has to offer. I also started shooting professional pictures of their finished art work and the artwork is being uploaded to a new website that I just created for them. They will now be able to show off their art and their friends and family can even purchase prints of their images!

Please check out the website below and enjoy!
Little Wonders of Wonderland Art

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