Monday, January 21, 2013

Fine Art Lessons on Pastels, Ages 2 through 6 and Up

Recently at the Little Wonders of Wonderland Studio, both the toddler class and the ages 3-6 group have had lessons on pastels.  They learned after a lesson that typically pastels have a higher quality and amount of pigment than their typical sidewalk chalk, which make the colors much more vibrant.  After watching some demonstrations and learning about blending, the kids especially enjoyed using a paper towel to wipe or blend colors to add a softer texture. We will be selling prints of their finished art on the website after they have had a couple more sessions.

Fold a paper towel and use a corner to blend sections of your pastel drawing

Usually we have a demonstration during a brief circle time, and then the kids go and find a seat at a table where the material is already set out for them.
~Angelique Bowman

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